Trouble sleeping?

Having trouble sleeping because of the roaring Tinnitus? Most people have trouble sleeping with Tinnitus so you are not alone. I have made this poster with ideas that worked for me when I am trying to sleep and I noticed a change within a few weeks. I have also attached an image from British Tinnitus Association showing how Tinnitus can effect your sleep.

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A bizarre trick that may work for you!

1)Place the palms of your hands over your ears so your fingers wrap around the back of your head.

2)Set your middle fingers on the top of your neck right at the base of your skull.

3)Put your index fingers on top of your middle fingers and apply pressure.

4)Now snap them on the back of your head over and over like you’re drumming.

Repeat it about 50 times.

This little trick I was skeptical at first but when trying it I had a slight relief of my Tinnitus, for about a few minutes and everything went back to normal. It definitely isn’t a miracle cure but it’s something you can try if your Tinnitus is getting to intense. Let me know how you got on!

Tinnitus is increasing

The figures for hearing loss and Tinnitus is a hard one to estimate because the number of cases are on the rise every single day. But when you put the figures down that are already there it is unreal. And it is scary that these figures are rising as we speak.
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