Trouble sleeping?

Having trouble sleeping because of the roaring Tinnitus? Most people have trouble sleeping with Tinnitus so you are not alone. I have made this poster with ideas that worked for me when I am trying to sleep and I noticed a change within a few weeks. I have also attached an image from British Tinnitus Association showing how Tinnitus can effect your sleep.

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TinnitusTogether is a community that provides information and aide for those wanting to learn or suffering with the disorder that effects one in six people around the world. I’m a 21 year old man that suffers from it on a daily bases. And the reason why I created this community is to talk to people just like me. Being a sufferer from it i know its embarrassing to talk about it to others that don’t have it, so this page is for people to talk about it. So if you ever feel like you need someone to talk to about the condition, please feel free to message us about it as you’re not alone. 

I will be doing various charity events in the near future raising money for loss of hearing and tinnitus.

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